SketchUp & LayOut Windows & Doors Asset Pack

£25 ex VAT

Top features

  • Over 70 windows and doors
  • Tutorial - How to use the kit bash.
  • 20 Windows
  • 23 Single Doors, 23 Double Doors
  • 2 roof lanterns, 1 Balcony
  • 2 Glass Walls / Dividers

Everything you need to know to know to become a SketchUp & LayOut pro.

Do you often spend more time looking for a good model than you would building one from scratch? Well fret no more! With over 70 license free Door and Window components all ready to use in your own models you'll never have to waste time searching again.

Over 20 windows, 23 single doors, 23 double doors, 2 roof lanterns, 1 fire escape, 2 glass wall / dividers and 1 balcony you should be able to find what you need in this awesome asset pack.

All of the components that make up each individual door or window have been modelled solid meaning that you can be sure there are no poor models that drag down your memory and bulk out your designs with unnecessary or stray geometry.

All elements have been put into their own unique layer (Tag) within SketchUp so that you can turn layers on and off for ease of navigation.

I hope you enjoy using these models and I look forward to seeing some of your designs.

 What you will receive:

  • The Sketchup file saved for the newest version of Sketchup
  • A narrated tutorial explaining how to use the kit bash to create a quick street scene
  • A SketchUp model of the completed street scene
  • You will also receive a back saved version to Sketchup 2018
  • An OBJ file of the components so that they can be opened in other softwares (Rhino,Blender etc)

NB: You not be able to open this in versions of SketchUp earlier than 2018.