Scrapbook For LayOut

£15 ex VAT

Top features

  • Over 100 drag and drop drawing conventions for your LayOut files.
  •  Save hours of time when creating your drawing sheets
  • The same conventions I use on all my feature film work
  • After sales support if needed

Everything you need to know to become a SketchUp & LayOut pro.

My Scrapbook for layout is full of all of the drawing conventions I use for building my drawings in Layout.  Full of handy drag and drop fully customisable conventions, from leader lines, section lines, ground planes, section and elevation details arrows and door swings that can be used and resized to fit any drawing. All updated for 2024 these save me a massive amount of time when I am drafting. I am also including all the scale figures I have made for various films and tv shows as a bonus and to give your drawings a little extra wow factor!

You get the scrapbook file for use with Sketchup, back saved to version 2015. This comes as a layout file in order to install it as a scrapbook within Layout you must follow these simple instructions.

  • Open the scrapbook LayOut file attached here in the download section.
  • Once open go to file, save as a scrapbook.
  • Then close the file.
  • When you re-open SketchUp navigate to your scrapbook and in the dropdown menu it will appear at the bottom of the list as Drawing convention scrapbook for LayOut.
  • Please also note that I use the font Spectre Verde (available here you must download this font for the scrapbook appearance otherwise LayOut will revert to your standard font and it will not look the same. Fonts are easy to install if you are stuck please just google how to install a font.

Hope you all enjoy using this scrapbook and how much it will improve your workflow.