SketchUp & LayoutFor Beginners

Beginners price only £30 ex VAT

Top features

  • 7 Hour course / 9 lessons
  •  Bonus carpentry episode and a free moulding chart 
  • learn at your own pace with lifetime access
  • All relevant 3D assets provided
  • After sales support if needed
  • 14 day money back Guarantee

Everything you need to know to become a SketchUp & LayOut pro.

SketchUp for Beginners is an exclusive course designed to take you through every detail you need to know to get started in this incredible program. I will take you from opening SketchUp for the very first time right through to designing a basic set based on one of my own designs from "The Sandman" and presenting this design in LayOut, SketchUp's sister program for drafting and construction drawings.

Each of the 10 easy-to-follow episodes cover one or more specific SketchUp attribute, taking you from complete novice to competent user in just 7 hours.

Each episode is designed to be completed in approximately 30 - 60 mins freeing up time for you to practice what you are learning and apply to your own designs. You have access to the course in perpetuity meaning there is no time limit to complete - watch and rewatch the course as many times as you like in full HD streaming. In the future you can use the course as a reference guide any time you are stuck with any aspect of your design.

Not only that but all the accompanying 3D assets and drawings are yours to download and keep. These include the undercroft model and the kitchen model from the bonus episode on joinery. I am also throwing in a complete timber moulding chart for SketchUp with 75 timber mouldings that you can use in your models.

The methods I teach here are the essential building blocks for the skills you will need to complete my more advanced Masterclass series.


All 3D assets are back saved to early versions of SketchUp so that you can open them even if you do not have the latest version of SketchUp.

It is recommended that you also download my scrapbook for LayOut. This will save you a lot of additional time when putting your 2D construction drawings together.

Also please note: If you download the scrapbook you may want to also download the font spectre verde from here for free 

If you do not have this font on your system then the fonts in the LayOut file provided will revert to your own default font.